August 13, 2021

When You Are Ready

The When You Are Ready Campaign will:​

  • Provide push cards, Flyers, and Door hangers for First Responders, Law Enforcement, and other organizations with local community resources to hand out when they encounter someone with Opioid and/or any other addictions.
  • Ride or die program. Uber and Lyft those who find a bed in a detox or treatment program a ride to treatment. Make the call, secure a bed, and call us for a ride straight to detox or treatment.
  • Provide a 5 minute “How To”  training video on how to use resource cards for agencies such as non-profits, first responders, law enforcement, and Faith-Based Organizations who come in contact with individuals and their families who struggle with addiction
  • Conduct Sober Saturday events in Hot Spots where overdoses occur according to the data.

For help, to learn more, volunteer and for more information:
or contact Tonja Myles, CPSS | Trauma Expert